Scenic Sunday.


(So I'm a few days early... doing this while it's fresh in my mind! ;)

We visited the island a few weekends back (when it was a little warmer!!) to have some lunch and photograph something marvelous - a nearly abandoned beach in the winter. This is on the sound side of things; usually this place is hopping with people docking and sailing, and the water is full of boats and kayaks. But now... it's just waiting for the spring. :)

Taken on Wrightsville Beach.

Scenic Sunday
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Macro Monday.


My poor stuffed lobster has curly whiskers because my big cat Finn liked chewing on them too much... ;)

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Skywatch Friday.


This looks about right... it's been decently cloudy & rainy here in NC over the past few days. This photo was taken last week, but somehow mirrors today perfectly. The sun is trying real hard...! But alas, a gloomy day.

(And look, you can see a little plane trail in the sky too! Wheeeee~ )

However, gloomy days are great for mugs of hot tea and movies. ;) Bring on the Earl Grey and insta-Netflix!
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That's my World! Tuesday


Some photos from the beach this weekend. It was getting overcast, but this dog was having a great time regardless. :)


(photos from wrightsville beach, nc)

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Macro Monday.


Yummy soaps from a friend that arrived in my mailbox last week... :) Cherry blossom, sweet pea, and moonlit path! Can't wait to use them in a nice long bath...

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