Skywatch Friday.


This looks about right... it's been decently cloudy & rainy here in NC over the past few days. This photo was taken last week, but somehow mirrors today perfectly. The sun is trying real hard...! But alas, a gloomy day.

(And look, you can see a little plane trail in the sky too! Wheeeee~ )

However, gloomy days are great for mugs of hot tea and movies. ;) Bring on the Earl Grey and insta-Netflix!


Judy said...

Tell me about gloomy days! The sun shone yesterday, and I took the dogs out for a second walk, just to enjoy the brightness. I just keep telling myself the sun will shine again, even if I have no idea when...

Sylvia K said...

What a great gloomy day capture! And believe me, I've been complaining about gloomy days lately, too! We're finally getting some sun and it's wonderful! Wishing sun for you and a great weekend!


Greg Dimitriadis said...

By Liege standards, this is a gloriously sunny day!

Fadzil Zainal said...

Hey! Nice gloomy day you got there and
thanks for stopping by SWF earleir.

Have a great weekend.

K.B.R said...


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